Creation of an original stage production, produced and filmed in Budapest, Hungary.
Creation of an original live stage spectacular with 3-D scenography on LED providing a fully immersive experience. Presented nightly for one year in the Grand Theatre Changzhou, China.
'E' Elements Show
Creation of 'E' Elements Show, an original stage production conceived by Flannery, featuring puppets & kinetics by Michael Curry, presented nightly with a five year run at the Huaxia Cultural Performing Arts Centre, Shenzhen, China
Dubai Expo 2020 bid
Concept for Iconic Engine's bid to produce the Al Wasl Dome attraction in the Dubai World Expo 2020
Cave Temples of Dunhuang
A virtual immersive experience of cave 45 (8th century) presented as a major feature in the Cave Temples of Dunhuang exhibition at the Getty Museum Los Angeles, California. On the western edge of the Gobi Desert, near the ancient oasis town of Dunhuang, China, hundreds of cave temples were carved into a cliff face and decorated with Buddhist wall paintings and sculptures. The caves are known as the Mogao (peerless) Grottoes. From the 4th to the 14th century, Dunhuang bore witness to intense religious, commercial, and cultural exchange along the trade routes linking the East and West, known collectively as the Silk Road. UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Kahramaa Awareness Park Dana Dome
Creation of the Dana Dome, an immersive 3-D dome experience in the Kahramaa Awareness Centre, Doha Qatar. The feature film which runs daily is 'Majid and the Secret of Life'. KAHRAMAA AWARENESS PARK (KAP) is a leading Edutainment Centre in the Middle East for Activities of Conservation & Energy Efficiency.
Symphantasy for TCA
Flannery's newly reinvented Symphantasy, licensed to Teen Cancer America
Creation of an original "play in concert". Premiered at the Paramount in Peekskill, New York in 2021
Creation of a television special and a live concert series with George Clooney, Kelsey Grammer, Bob McGrath, Olympians, characters from Universal Studios and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra.
Movistar Magica
An original production show featuring Carlos Vives and puppets by Michael Curry, that toured Colombia and was broadcast on live TV from Bogota.
Water Fantasium
Creation of a major attraction presented in the Dairinkai Pavilion at the Osaka World Expo. This innovative attraction, voted #1, featured a robotic conductor, an orchestra of water and kinetic elements that emerge from a cinematic musical score.
Fantastic Odyssey
Creation of the Lotte pavilion at the Taejon World Expo presented Water Fantastic Odyssey., one of the most popular attractions of the expo. The show featured a magical sea that comes to life and is threatened by fire.. After the Expo the attraction relocated to Lotte World in Seoul.
Cosmic Symphony
Creation of a major attraction presented nightly over 10 years in Geopolis at the Tokyo Dome
Adventure Slots
Award-winning casino design for a high-concept gaming experience in the Tunica Hollywood Casino.
Voyage 350
Creation of a major attraction presented on Baltimore's Inner Harbor. A fictitious Maryland village was built to engage audiences in a unique pre-show. The main theatre was a fantasy ship, with film projections on the sails, illusions on the bow, and a transforming hull. The cast were the crew of the ship. Presented nightly for 2 seasons.
New Water World
An attraction conceived for a mall in Shanghai, China
A major attraction for Las Vegas, inspired by the aquatic films of Esther Williams (who also served as co-creator for the show).
A harbor spectacular, bid concept, for Lusail Qatar
Saraya Lagoon Attraction
An aquatic attraction conceived for Saraya Lagoon in Aqaba Jordan.
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
A concept to transform the pool at Caesars Palace nightly into an aquatic showplace
China Silk Show
A production show conceived for Jinan Cultural Theatre.
Superbowl XX Halftime Show
Concept and design of production of Super Bowl XX Halftime Show New Orleans Superdome
Los Angeles 1984 Olympics
The Closing Ceremonies of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics
Salt Lake City Olympics
Universal Studios bid for the Salt Lake Olympic ceremonies.
ET at the Hollywood Bowl
The premiere concert of the musical score to the motion picture ET. John Williams conducted the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl with a special appearance of ET.
Star Wars Concert
The Original (1977 debut of the film) Star Wars Concert featuring Zubin Mehta conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl.
Peppermint Park and Atlantis
Concept and design of the legendary Singapore Nightclubs.
New Orleans World's Fair
Lighting design of Aquacade, the popular attraction of the world's fair. In the tradition of Billy Rose and Esther Williams, the attraction featured synchronized simmers, high divers and stage performers.
Brisbane World Expo
Site-scape and lighting for 1988 World Expo Brisbane Australia
Jinan Cultural Theatre
Theatre design for a new cultural centre.
Melbourne Arts Centre
Architectural Lighting Design of Australia's premiere performing arts centre.
An original stage production created to be presented in the NextStage 6500 seat venues.
In the Beginning
A theatrical spectacular conceived but never built for NextStage Entertainment's 7000 seat venues.
Ben Hur Live
A partnership with Amick Byram in the creation of a live touring production of Ben Our.
Concept for a Las Vegas Attraction
Forrest Gump
Theatrical Lighting Design for the Oscar winning Best Picture.
Death Becomes Her
Theatrical Lighting Design for the award winning motion picture.
Network TV Shows, Specials and Comedy Series
Served as Director of Photography or Lighting Director for hundreds of television shows, specials, comedy series and game shows earning numerous awards including four prime-time Emmy Nominations.
Director of Photography for the ABC Network comedy series. Pilot and seasons 1-8. Winning three Emmy nominations for outstanding lighting design.
"Las Cuevas del Tiempo'
Attraction concept for the caves in Taxco Mexico.
CarouSail Concept
A unique carousel featuring live acrobatic performers.
Show and Attraction Concepts
Select concepts for shows and attractions
Penn's Landing Attraction
Summer attraction venue for Penn's Landing in Philadelphia
Taiwan Theme Park
Concept for a Taiwan theme park anchor attraction.
Islands of Adventure Lagoon Show
A concept for Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure Lagoon Show.
Universal Studios Orlando Lagoon Show
Lagoon show concept development for Universal Studios Orlando opening season.
Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Architectural and site lighting design of Universal Studios Islands of Adventure theme park in Orlando.
Universal Studios Florida
Architectural and site lighting design of the theme park.
King Kong
Scenograhic design for Universal Studios Hollywood attraction.
ET's Adventure
Concept and lighting design of the dark-ride attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando.
Jurassic Park the Ride
The Original attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood
The Adventures of Conan
Lighting Design for Live Spectacular attraction at Universal Studios Tour Hollywood.
Universal Hollywood CityWalk
Lighting Design
American Adventure
Scenographic design for the American Adventure attraction at Walt Disney's EPCOT Orlando Florida.
Universal Studios Ice Tunnel
The redesign of Universal Studios Ice Tunnel attraction at the Hollywood studios tour.
Sonny & Cher Concerts
Staging and lighting design for concerts and tours
Pharaoh in Concert
Scenographic design of concert and director of TV special, featuring the band Pharaoh, at Pine Knob.
Production Photography
Commissions to capture production photos of shows, concerts and TV.
Lighting Design for on and off-Broadway shows.
La Boheme
Lighting Design for Vancouver Opera Guild's production of La Boheme presented at Queen Victoria Theatre in Vancouver.
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