Majid and the Secret of Life

An original 3D Stereoscopic film, Majid and the Secret of Life, was presented in a truncated dome. Conceived and directed by Daniel Flannery. This film is presented several times daily as the main feature in the Kahramaa Awareness Centre in Doha Qatar.


Lusail Aquatic Attraction

R+S Production Services, Inc. presents a Daniel Flannery Production.


Saraya Nighttime Lagoon

A nighttime spectacular created by Daniel Flannery with R+S Production Services for the lagoon at Saraya in Aqaba Jordan.


Exec Produced by DF/R+S Production


An original stage production show, Illusions was conceived and directed by Daniel Flannery, featuring dancers, acrobats, singers and actors in scenographic settings incorporating 3D Stereoscopic CGI. The show was presented nightly in the Grand Theatre Changzhou China.



“E” Elements Show

An original Stage production, ‘E’ Elements Show was conceived and directed by Daniel Flannery, presented nightly and ran for 5 years at the Huaxia Cultural Arts Theatre in Shenzhen China.


An original fantasy, Xayron was a stage production in Budapest Hungary, conceived, produced & directed by Daniel Flannery.




Cosmic Symphony was an attraction created by Daniel Flannery and presented several times daily for nearly 15 years in Geopolis at the Tokyo Dome.


Water Fantasium facade


Created and directed by Daniel Flannery for the Dairinkai Pavilion in the Osaka World Expo, Water Fantasium was voted the No. 1 attraction.


Conceived, Designed, Directed by DF


Fantastic Odyssey, created and directed by Daniel Flannery, was the main attraction for the Lotte Pavilion at the Taejon World Expo in S. Korea.



In 2005 he teamed up with Oscar Winner, Eugenio Zanetti to create ‘Movistar Magica’, a touring stadium theatrical spectacle with a cast of over 500 and a stage the size of a football field. This popular show toured Colombia South America and  played to sold-out venues.


China Silk Show


Symphantasy poster XI


Symphantasy™ is a unique genre of entertainment created by Daniel Flannery. He brought his brand of entertainment to Riverbend and the Cincinnati Pops and along with Maestro Erich Kunzel directed a Symphantasy™ for television. The show  was a “Visual Symphony” of symphonic music and visual narratives and spectacle created with scenography, lighting, projection, fire, pyrotechnics, puppetry, and featuring extraordinary talent, celebrities, athletes and more.



Conceived and Produced by Chris Fahlman and Daniel Flannery



1984 Los Angeles Olympics Closing Ceremony

Daniel Flannery worked directly with David Wolper to conceive and direct the ‘Closing Ceremonies of the Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics’.


Flight Logo Poster LR

2002 Salt Lake City Olympics Opening Ceremony

Universal Studios bid for the Salt Lake Olympic Ceremonies.


Voyage 350 POSTER


Voyage 350 Baltimore Inner Harbor


Jinan Cultural Theatre

Ben Hur Poster 4



Caesar’s Palace AQUACADE


New Orleans aquacade



Casino Player poster LR

Adventure Slots

Tunica, Mississippi


Hollywood Bowl Concerts


Star Wars Concert

In 1977, Flannery conceived, designed and directed the ‘Original Star Wars Concert’, a spectacular “Visual Symphony” at the Hollywood Bowl. This was the first event of its kind, creating a genre of entertainment that continues today.


Pharaoh Poster

Pharaoh TV Concert


Superbowl XX poster



IEC Attractions





Brisbane World Expo


Universal Studios Florida Attractions

In the themed entertainment industry Flannery has an extensive history of developing intellectual property for the major studios. For Universal Studios he served as conceptualist, scenographer and lighting designer on many attractions.


Universal Studios Hollywood Attractions

Flannery has an extensive history of developing intellectual property for the major studios. For Universal Studios he served as conceptualist, scenographer and lighting designer on many attractions.


Director of Photography

As the Director of Photography for the popular television series, ‘Roseanne’, Flannery revolutionized sitcom lighting design and was awarded four Emmy nominations. In the 1980s and 90s Flannery was Director of Photography on hundreds of major network television shows, specials and sitcoms. He received numerous awards including LDI Lighting Designer of the Year and 5 Emmy nominations.

For feature films, Flannery served as creative visual consultant to Bob Zemeckis on ‘Death Becomes Her’ and the Academy Award winning film ‘Forrest Gump’ and to Peter Bogdanovich on ‘Noises Off’.



Theatre, Opera, Concert and Dance

In the 1970s Flannery designed the lighting for many productions on and off-Broadway, including original plays presented by the Chelsea Theatre Company.


Melbourne Arts Centre

From 1980-1982 Flannery collaborated with two-time Oscar winner John Truscott to consult on the design of the Victorian Art Centre (Now the Melbourne Art Centre). The centre consists of an opera house, concert hall, studio stages, galleries and restaurants.





Universal Studios Orlando Site Lighting


IOA ent logo

Universal Islands of Adventure Site Lighting



Disney’s EPCOT