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‘MoviStar MAGICA’ Tour

Conceived by Eugenio Zanetti & Daniel Flannery
Featuring Carlos Vives and introducing Andrea Silva
Client; Telefonica MoviStar, Executive Producer; Silva Publicidad
Directed by Daniel Flannery, Production Design by Eugenio Zanetti, Puppets & Kinetics by Michael Curry, Producer; Diego Saenz

In 2005 Flannery teamed up with Oscar Winner Eugenio Zanetti to produce and direct MoviStar MAGICA, a touring stadium theatrical spectacle with a cast of over 500 and a stage the size of a football field. The tour was launched with a live national broadcast of the concert from Bogota Colombia. This popular show toured Colombia South America and played to sold-out venues.

Client: Silva Publicad

Services: Show Creator