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A live stage production with 3D Stereoscopic Scenography presented nightly at the Grand Theatre in Changzhou China

A Daniel Flannery Production
Client; Joyland Grand Theatre, Jason Xu
Presented by R+S Production Services
Produced and Directed by Daniel Flannery, Executive Producer; Roland Feuer, Producer; Chris Fahlman,  music composition & production; Mark Chait, dance choreography; Charles Moulton, ballet choreography; Melissa Barak, acrobatic choreography; Alain Gauthier, production design; Tom Cluff, kinetics and puppets; Michael Curry, CGI; Tony Bai, lighting design; Garrett Caine, costume design; Francine Lecoultre, masks; Juan Rodriguez, faerie kinetics design: MCD, Robert Gould & Stephanie Lostimolo, Las Vegas costumes & talent; Blair Farrington, music producer; Vasilis Paddis, associate director; Jian Hong Kuo, associate producer; Renee Palmer, technical director; Gregory Golden, project manager; Nic Song, talent coordinator; Hugo Wei, lighting programmers; Steeve Vajk, Cameron Flannery, master Electrician; Mark Villa, Assistant to Mr. Flannery; Nova Zheng, assistant project manager; Andrea Hu
A cast of 100 performers from China, United States, Singapore, Taiwan, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Russia.

Joyland commissioned Flannery to create an original theatrical production show as the first production to be presented in the newly built Grand Theatre. The ILLUSION SHOW was presented nightly from 2013-2014 at the Grand Theatre in Changzhou China. The show featured 3D stereoscopic scenography and grand scenery, costumes and effects. The audience experienced the show wearing active 3D glasses. This show featured a cast of 100 including international dancers, acrobats, parkour, singers and actors.

Client: Joyland

Services: Show Production Co

Year: 2016