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‘MAJID and the SECRET of LIFE’

A fully immersive 3D stereoscope film presented daily in the (truncated) Dana Dome Theatre at the Karamaa Awareness Centre, Doha Qatar

A Daniel Flannery Film
Client; Kahramaa/Tarsheed  and MCM Group
Presented by R+S Production Services
Conceived, Produced & Directed by Daniel Flannery, Executive in Charge; Roland Feuer, Produced by Alison Savitch, Story; Sam Frankel & Daniel Flannery, Original Music;  MAias Alyamani, Music; Qatar Philharmonic, Production Design: James Clyne, Animation & Visual Effects Producer: Jeff Kleiser, Animation; Synthespian Studios, Hydra Interactive Digital Media – Jeremy L. Christensen, Phenom Films – Supervisors Wayne England, Sam Khorshid, Sound; Jeffrey Alan jones, Post Production & Titles; Eevolver – Stacy Burstin, Motion Capture; Motion Analysis, Choreographer; Melissa Barak, Studio Teacher; Sharon Flannery, Paleontology Consultant; Stuart Sumida, Arab Culture Consultant; Ralph Salmi

Micoy Entertainment; Patented 3D Stereoscopic Volumetric Technology

An original 3D Stereoscopic film, MAJID and the SECRET of LIFE, is presented in a purpose-built truncated dome several times daily as the main feature attraction in the Dana Dome at the Kahramaa Awareness Park in Doha Qatar.

Client: Kahramaa

Services: Film Producer & Director

Year: 2017