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A Daniel Flannery Production presented nightly at the Huaxia Cultural Arts Theatre in Shenzhen China.

Conceived, Designed and Directed by Daniel Flannery
Executive Producer; O.C.T., David Chen, Producers; GEA General Entertainment Associates, Floris Douwes, Casting; Julia Krylova, Scenario/Scenography; Daniel Flannery, Choreography; Charles Moulton, Music; Popi Spatocco, Stage Design; James Clyne, Art Director; Chris Teuber, Puppets, Kinetics & Masks; Michael Curry, design Robert Gould & Stephanie Lostimolo, Costumes; Francine Lecoultre, Lighting; John Osborne, Projections; Howard Werner, Associate Director Sylvia Hase, Production Manager; Mike Chisman, Bobby & Ryan Miziker. Talent Supervisors; Hugo Wei Lilia Faizova, Audio & Controls; Clayton Tripp, Photography; Richard Carlow
Featuring the illusions of Jarrett & Raja
Jarrett Parker, Raja Rahman, Oxana Veprintseva, Yulia Kashkina, Natasha Ishkova, Kristina Bautina, Terekhova Natalia, Pasha Belkov, Alexey Waltz, Yulia Sikorskaya, Victoriya Ivanova, Marie-France Savoie

OCT commissioned Flannery to create an original “Western” theatrical production for Chinese audiences. ‘E’ Elements Show was presented nightly from 2006-2011 at the Huaxia Cultural Arts Theatre in Shenzhen China.

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