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The main attraction in the Lotte Pavilion at the 1993 Taejon Korea World Expo

A Daniel Flannery Production
Client; Lotte World, Conceived, Designed & Directed by Daniel Flannery, Produced by Omni Co John Lindsay & Jim Ishii, Music Composed & Performed by Thomas Bahler, Producer/Lighting Director; CD Simpson, Fountains; Michael Connery, Fire; John Rodgers, Art Director; Glenda Rovello, Project Manager; Garrett Caine

For the 1993 World Expo in Taejon, Korea, Flannery created the popular FANTASTIC ODYSSEY show attractionAfter the expo closed this attraction was moved to Lotte World in Seoul and has remained the most popular attraction in the theme park. Category, International Specialized Expo. Operated, 07/08/1993 – 07/11/1993. Expo theme, The Challenge of a New Road of Development. Official Designation, The Taejon International Exposition, Korea

1993. Area (ha) 90.10. Visitors 14,005,808, Participants (Official) 141.

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Client: Lotte

Services: Attraction Creator