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Executive Producer: The Welk Group, Larry Welk, Mark Luzzatto
Creator/Director: Daniel Flannery, Esther Williams
Executive Producers; Bainbridge Group, David Atwill
Executive Producer; Richard Takase
Production/theatre Design: Eugenio Zanetti, Illustrations; Claudio Mazzoli, Choreography: Joachim Schloemer, Costumes/Swimming Choreography: Esther Williams, Theatre Mechanics Engineer: Ride & Show, Ed Feuer

The project was a private development with Caesars Palace. The original plan was to create a show situated at the poolside. The casino offered up a site at Bally’s as a stand alone facility on the casino property. The project was taken through design development…contracts were signed and investment funding was raised through The Herrick Company. Casino owner, Park Place Entertainment relocated the project to the Flamingo property which was sold to Harrah’s not long after and the project came to a grinding halt. Allot of fine people dedicated their time, money and resources to AQUARIA.