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Presented at the 1984 New Orleans World Fair

Produced by Tommy Walker, Direction: Ron Field, Lighting Design by Daniel Flannery, Lighting Direction: David Finn, Choreography; Marion Elsted

One of the 1984 Louisiana World’s Fair’s most popular attractions was the Aquacade. Located in Bayou Plaza, the Aquacade had seating for 3,500 and featured a crescent-shaped swimming pool and two 94-foot-high diving towers. The high-camp musical extravaganza “America Swims” was 45 minutes of synchronized swimming, high dives, comedy and lavish costumes, all set to music from the 1920s-’80s. The grand finale, Splashdance, was described as a “1980s Aqua-disco.” Category, International Specialised Expo. Operated, 12/05/1984 – 11/11/1984. Expo theme, The World of rivers – Fresh Water as a source of life. Official Designation, The 1984 Louisiana World Exposition. Area (ha) 34, Visitors 7,335,000, Participants (Official) 15.

Client: New Orleans World Fair

Services: Lighting designer

Year: 1984